access control solutions

With the components listed below we offer a program autonomous and networked access solutions

especially for doors, gates, bollards and barriers.

The detection of persons or vehicles is realized with RFID badge readers for short and long-range detection,

with ANPR cameras for number plate recognition of vehicles, or with the use of mobile phone as badge medium.

Our solutions can be used in combination with online ticket sale allowing paid access.

Tickets ordered online are sent to the mobile phone giving access at the turnstile or gate.

It may also allow access to a self-service cable car.

Controller for access control:

Controller boards manage the access rights and provide the electrical pulse for the opening process. 

Our access controllers allow autonomous operation directly at the door, gate, bollard and barrier.
This ensures that access is always guaranteed even in the event of a network or computer failure.
The listed controllers allow a wide selection of reading devices, such as
RFID readers for short and long range, QR- code scanners or cameras for number plate recognition.

Software for access control:

Management Software

The Management Software is a PC based access control and ID – Management software with comprehensive options such as: unlimited project size, time profiles, TCP / IP connection, offline and online operation, remote opening via mouse click, connection via VPN, Excel import / export functions, live monitor, lock function, Anti-pass-back (entry lock), photo handling, extensive evaluations, and much more. The software can also be used for paid access applications.