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smart cards

Card Service AG manufactures the cards, implants the desired chip, encodes them

and labels them according to customer requirements.

There are hardly any limits to the application possibilities of RFID & chip cards.

Whether used for cashless payment processing,

access at the PC, the door or for recording bonus points in customer loyalty programs,

Equipped with a chip, the plastic card functions like an electronic key.

1) simple I²C bus memory (without safety logic)

2) simple I²C bus memory

(with safety logic)

3) authenticated security memories

(with counter logic)

Smart card, often referred to as key card, smart card or integrated circuit card, is a special plastic card with built-in integrated circuit containing hardware logic, non-volatile EPROM or EEPROM memory, or even a microprocessor.

Cards personalization

Cards are personalized and commissioned in the service office of Card Service AG according to customer specifications.
Preparation and exchange of personalization and shipping data. Optimal handling of personalization work delivery accessories, packaging solutions.
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Your multifunctional smart card

There are almost no limits to the possible applications of RFID & smart cards.
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RFID Chips & Tags

Data can also be stored and managed on tags, chips and other ID media.
For various applications we have a selection of labels and tags available directly from stock.


The data required for the application is stored in the EEPROM.
What is an EEPROM chip? Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EEPROM) chips are metal oxide semiconductor computer chips used on a printed circuit board. This type of chip can be erased and reprogrammed with a strong electronic signal. When the very highest security requirements must be ensured, the much more expensive Micro Controller Chip is used. This contains many security functions, such as data ciphering. Micro Controller Chips are distinguished with: ROM (Read Only Memory) RAM (Random Access Memory) EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable ROM) In addition, we supply the components for reading and writing the cards on site.
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Transponder chips & contact chips

Card for access & payment

Complete projects from the card to the installed access system with us you get everything from a single source.
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More about plastic cards

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Equipped with a contact or RFID chip, the plastic card has developed into an electronic key. There are virtually no limits to the possible applications of smart cards.
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