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Plastic cards from A-Z

It is hard to imagine today without plastic cards – they act as a means of payment, identification or storage for information, points and working hours.

They open doors and enable secure data encryption.

We are specialists in the complex field of card production and will be happy to assist you with over 30 years of experience and know-how in your card project. Contact us!

The configuration options are as extensive as the applications.

Card Service AG offers almost all card types, equipment options and finishing variants.

In addition to the classic cards made of PVC, sustainable, particularly durable or purpose-built material combinations are available.

Card formats

The plastic card in credit card size has the format 85.6mm x 53.98mm

Special formats

Customized dimensions can also be punched for special applications.
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Layout & Design

Do not know how your card should look like? If necessary, we will take care of the design of your card.
We advise you professionally and without obligation on your map project

Cards for access & payment

Plastic cards from A-Z

Card materials

The most important materials for card printing:

Card materials

PVC (standard) / PET (good recyclable) / ABS (heat resistant) Bio PVC (Compostable) / Polycarbonate (Extremely durable) Cellulose (degradable, low price) / Bamboo / Wood / Metal
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Special effects

Ideal for visually enhancing an ID card or employee badge.
Various types of special effects are possible:

Special Effects

Transparent material / Metalisé printing / 3D Painting / Hot stamping / Bright colors / Living Picture / Antibacterial / Special die cuts /
Please contact for special effects

Printing and personalization methods

Chip types Printing method:

Equipped with a contact or RFID chip, the plastic card has developed into an electronic key.

There are virtually no limits to the possible applications of smart cards.

Cards - Services

Cards personalization

Cards are personalized and commissioned in the service office of Card Service AG according to customer specifications.
Preparation and exchange of personalization and shipping data. Optimal handling of personalization work Delivery accessories, packaging solutions
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The mailing is a first-class medium to express appreciation and strengthen the image. And, of course, to attract new customers.
For this purpose, we have equipment that electronically checks the cards, prints the cover letter, dispenses the cards and envelopes them at the same time. This process is efficient and prevents incorrect packaging due to manual work.
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Cards packaging

We also have various card packaging to present your card
We will be happy to send you a wide variety of card packaging options upon request.

Cards holders

Various holders and stands to present your cards in the best possible way
Here you can download our PDF for card holders, write us or call us if your desired model is not listed.
PDF card holders

Print plastic cards yourself

Cards printed with thermal printers can be used as visitation, member or access cards in museums, shopping stores and galleries to describe artwork and products.

Labeling data

An overview of the most common formats for data delivery
Excel, Access, .csv or .txt are the most common formats for data delivery. Keep the same data format for each subsequent delivery. To be specified are: Label position, Windows font(.ttf), font size and if not black the label color. Passport photos: Crop to the desired format and save under the photo number as .bmp (e.g. 0010.bmp). The Excel table contains the corresponding photo number.

Perforations (holes)

Ideal for use as key tags, luggage tags, name tags and more.

Special perforations

Different types of perforations are possible: Contact us for special requests!
Reference card hole code

Data delivery:

The file format as well as image, labeling and coding data can be determined by the customer as far as possible.

Please send data by email to:

Contact us,
We will be happy to advise you personally

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