Plastic Cards

Plastic Cards


Card manufacturing with all products and services is our core business.Taking the following aspects in consideration will help you to find the optimal card product.

Everything you need to know is listed here:

Card formats:

The credit card-sized plastic card has the format 85.6 mm x 53.98 mm.

Special card punchings with long and round holes, break lines are listed here. Special customer-specific dimensions can also be made on request.


Ideal as key- and luggage or name-tag and more: Our punched cards not only look great, but can also be easily and quickly fastened anywhere with clips, loops or lanyards.
There are different types of perforations possible:
• Round hole
• Long hole
• Mini Visa *
(* Plastic card divided into three equal parts)


mini Visa
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For card making there is a selection of materials, all having their own specific properties. The most important selection criteria for the card material are lifespan, abrasion-, heat- and UV-resistance. Ecology and manufacturing costs are further criteria. The most important base materials today are:

• polycarbonate
• ABS – heat resistant
• cellulose

Data delivery:

The delivery of data for card printing, personalization and mailing  is best done by file transfer:

Please send data by email to:

Card printing metods



Offset : 

Highest resolution and color accuracy.
Limited coverage properties.

Digital Offset : 

Quality close to the conventional offset, fixed and variable data can be combined in one printing process. For large print runs more expensive than offset.

Screen printing :

Suitable for full-color printing, metallic colors, signature panel. Limited print resolution and no pixellated grayscales possible.

Hotstamp : 

Hot embossing, for applying holographic foils or security signature fields.

Thermal-transfer printing :

For digital card printing  in monochrome or 4-color.
Limited resolution and color accuracy.

Retransfer printing : 

For digital cardprinting in 4-color. Higher resolution, color brilliance and accuracy than thermal transfer. For productions of more than several hundred cards, more expensive than digital offset.

Embossing :

This personalization is today practically only used for credit cards. Limited set of embossing characters and more expensive than thermal-transfer printing.

Laser engraving :

Elaborate personalization process with limited grey scales. Used for specific security-related cards.

Chiptype and printing process:

Equipped with a chip, the plastic card becomes an electronic key. Whether used for cashless payment, access to the PC or for the collection of bonus points in customer loyalty programs, the possibilities of chip cards are virtually unlimited.
More about smart cards



Cards are personalized and commissioned in the service bureau of Card Service AG. This service is chosen when costs, available time, or complexity requires a centralised service bureau production. Sometimes this service is a backup solution in case of capacity bottlenecks.


Card Service provides card packaging and shipping services. We have systems that can check the cards electronically, print the cover letter, mount the card on the letter and insert it in a envelope. This procedure is efficient and prevents Incorrect packaging due to manual labour.

Card packaging:

Examples of attractive gift card packaging can be found here.

Layout / Design:

Do not you know what your card should look like? If necessary, take over the design of your card. We are happy to help you with the implementation of your project. Before each production a good is created for printing, which you can examine and release, only then we start with the production. Here are some helpful templates:

Variable label data:

Excel, Access, ASCII or dBase format. For each personalization field, a field in the database. Use the same data format and data layout for each subsequent delivery.
Specify: Position, Windows font, font size and as far as not black also the label color.

passport photos
Cut to the desired format and under the photo number as .bmp or .jpg
save (e.g. 0010.jpg). The Excel table contains the associated photo number.