Badge Accessories & Badge Holder

The following badge accessories are available from stock or HERE in our webshop

Hard plastic bath holder
with suction cup

Internal Nr. 100.003
Art.-Nr. 13123-5932

Hard plastic bath holder
with red slider

Internal Nr. 100.006
Art.-Nr. 1840-6410/S5

Hard plastic badge holder
with adhesive strips

Internal Nr. 100.002
Art.-Nr. 13123-5921/F2

Multi hard plastic bath holder

Internal Nr. 100.011
Art.-Nr. 1840-3050

Hard plastic bath holder closed

Internal Nr. 100.009
Art.-Nr. 1840-6000

Hard plastic bath holder closed without perforation

Internal Nr. 100.008
Art.-Nr. 1840-6600

Hard plastic bath holder
transparent open

Internal Nr. 100.005
Art.-Nr. 1840-8100

Hard plastic bath holder, vertical

Internal Nr. 100.052
Art.-Nr. 1840-8168

Badgehalter white horizontal / verticalhorizontal

Internal Nr. 100.004
Art.-Nr. 1840-3001

Soft plastic bath holder,
hole for clip only on RS

Art.-Nr. 1815-1000

Soft plastic bath holder closed

Internal Nr. 100.016
Art.-Nr. 1840-5000

Soft plastic badge holder, opening short side

Internal Nr. 100.012
Art.-Nr. 18223-3000

Soft plastic bath holder with self-adhesive case

Internal Nr. 100.015
Art.-Nr. 9440-0029

Soft plastic bath holder, vertical

Internal Nr. 100.019
Art.-Nr. 1840-7010

Soft plastic bath holder, horizontal

Internal Nr. 100.014
Art.-Nr. 1840-7000

Business card box, polystyrene, transparent

Internal Nr. 100.037
Art. -Nr. VX.092062.9.00

Bracelet white, elastic for bath holders

Internal Nr. 580.036
Art.-Nr. 1840-7208

Badgeclip with reinforced fabric tape

Internal Nr. 100.025
Art.-Nr. 2120-1000

Badgeclip with nylon strap

Internal Nr. 100.027
Art.-Nr. 2115-0608

Suction cup 20mm for mounting on bath holder

Art.-Nr. 1840-0000

Suction cup 30mm with thread for mounting on windshield. Application example with Gripper

Internal Nr. 100.039
Art.-Nr. 5720-3050


Internal Nr. 100.030
Art.-Nr. 5710-3050

Metal yoyo with clip, black

Internal Nr. 100.050
Art.-Nr. 2120-3300

Yoyo with clip, red

Internal Nr. 100.048
Art.-Nr. 2120-3636

 Yoyo with clip, white

Internal Nr. 100.051
Art.-Nr. 2120-3008

 Yoyo with clip, blue

Internal Nr. 100.046
Art.-Nr. 2120-3002

 Card Rack H24

Internal Nr. 100.024
Art.-Nr. 19221-0000

 Card Rack H24 / B

Internal Nr. 100.023
Art.-Nr. 19221-0000 B

Card Rack H10

Internal Nr. weiss: 100.022
Internal Nr. schwarz: 100.021

Bath magnet, adhesive backside

Internal Nr. 100.020
Art.-Nr. 5730-3000

Lanyard dark blue with gripper

Internal Nr. 100.032
Art.-Nr. 4560-2135

Black lanyard with clip

Internal Nr. 100.057
Art.-Nr. 2137-6001

lanyard blue

Internal Nr. 100.031
Art.-Nr. 2137-5002

lanyard black

Internal Nr. 100.033
Art.-Nr. 2137-5001


Pin, adhesive backside

Internal Nr. 100.042
Art.-Nr. 6920-3655

Nickel plated chain

Internal Nr. 10 cm: 100.035
Internal Nr. 60 cm: 100.036

Hand tool for passport photo

Internal Nr. 100.029
Art.-Nr. 3335-3000

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