Card Service AG

Metal embossers, labels & plaquettes

Card Service AG manages the order database of AM-Suisse, the Swiss professional association of metal construction.

We produce, ship and invoice on behalf of Metaltec.

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If you would like to order your own embossing machine or have special requirements for your type plates,

please feel free to send us an inquiry or give us a call.

  • Electronic embossing machine

  • production of dogtags

  • variable input/output magazine

  • Metal embosser
  • 350 badges per hour
  • Very efficient
  • Electronic embosser
  • For dogtag production
  • Predecessor of the 320

For fast and error-free identification of bulk products, labeling with the most important production data is essential for efficient logistics.

Signs and labels

Embossing on metal tags provides a durable solution when labels need to withstand extreme conditions such as heat, water acid, etc.

For product, address or barcode labeling, our lower cost self-adhesive labels will also suffice.


We undertake the production of the blanks with and without preprint.

We guarantee a smooth process of marking with our embossing machines.

We also emboss metal plates in service with special requirements and inscriptions.

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