metal embossers

metal embossers

Embossing machines for metal plates

For quick and accurate identification of mass products, labeling with production information is essential. Not at least because product declarations are required by law in different industrial sectors. In most cases simple self-adhesive labels are sufficient. But what can be done if the labels have to withstand extreme conditions such as heat, water,  acids or surface treatments?
Embossing technology for metal plates offers a solution for this problem.

Do you wonder why a company active in card making also supplies metal plate embossing machines? The answer is simple. The same embossing technique is also used for the personalization of credit cards.

By the way, in our service center we also emboss metal plates in service.


The C410 metal plates embosser is the next generation of the C400. It can mark 350 plates per hour and is therefore faster than its predecessor.


This electronic embossing machine was made for smaller size plates and equipped with a variable input magazine.


Electronic embossing machine for military identification plates model “Dogtag”.


We handle the production of printed and non-printed plates and guarantee the frictionless personalization with our embossing machines. In our service bureau, we also emboss metal plates as a service.


different embossing fonts: