The desktop readers listed here are usually used for the following tasks.

Read out chip number (UID)
Reading the transponder memory
Programming the transponder memory.

Optionally, these readers read the UID (Chip ID) by keyboard emulation.

RFID short-distance reader (<10cm)

RFID reader MCR:
WG 27 built-in reader with encapsulated housing for outdoor use,
accepts LEGIC ID media PRIME and Advant.

RFID reader multichip:
Giga-TMS FL20D-00 built-in reader with encapsulated housing for
outdoor operation, accepts the usual RFID key media
in the frequency range 13.56 MHz & 125 kHz. ISO14443A, ISO

RFID long-range reader (up to 10 m)

RFID reader UHF – RFU-620
Long-range reader for a range of up to approx. 1.5 meters and is ideally suited for access control for people without a badge process.

RFID reader UHF – RFU-630
Long-range reader for a range of up to approx. 10 meters and is recommended for access control of people and vehicles without a badge process.

Cards, labels and tags  mounted at the windshield are used as badge media. The Windshield label is glued to the windshield and offers a reading range of up to 10 meters. The label cannot be removed without being destroyed.

desktop readers and scanners

desktop reader
RFID readers for reading and programming badges.

RFID reader / encoder for transponder media 13.56 Mhz (PDF brochure)

Other readers available for:

125 KHz and 868 MHz transponder media

LEGIC readers / encoders including software applications for transponder segmentation are available on request.
Installation of encoders in badge printers. The simultaneous programming and printing of badge cards in one step is not only efficient, but also prevents mixing up encoding and printing. We take over the installation of card printers with ecoding modules.

Desktop reader LF / F / UHF
Model series GIS. With these table readers, chip ID numbers are read from the RFID badge or applications are programmed on the chip.
The readers are available with read / write software for transponders in the LF, HF or UHF frequency range. Supplied with USB, Ethernet or serial connection, the reader is suitable for a wide variety of tasks.

Table reader LEGIC:
As licensed LEGIC partner we are able to supply the needed LEGIC hard- and software for LEGIC segmentation.
It is possible to integrate LEGIC segmentation into badge printers.

QR code scanner:
Access authorizations can be integrated into a QR Code. If this code is send to mobile phone, this mobile device becomes the badge medium to get access. Together with the Z-3 access control software this offer a possibility for paid access applications.

ANPR camera:
The ANPR camera (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) reads the license plate of the vehicle with the highest reading accuracy, which enables an access solution without bath media.

RFID tags:
RFID labels that can be monitored over the phone. This allows goods to be checked for their temperature on the delivery route.

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