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RFID - Readers

Optionally these readers work keyboard emulating to read out the UID,

with own software for reading and programming or as pure readers which pass on data.

Reading out chip number (UID)

Reading of transponder memory

Programming of transponder memories.

Cards and key fobs are used as badge media.

These are custom-printed as required.

QR Code Scanner

Access authorizations can be mapped into a QR code. When this code is sent to a cell phone, this mobile device becomes the ID medium. Together with the management software, this provides an opportunity for paid access applications.
PDF QR Code Scanner

MIFARE table reader

USB reader adjustable for keyboard emulation and suitable for all transponder types according to: ISO-18000-3M3 / ISO 15693 / ISO 14443 A/B. Power supply 5 V, via USB, R/W system Dimensions 105 x 70 x 10 mm, 53 grams,
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LEGIC table reader

Multiplex reader for LEGIC ident media Prime and Advant Housing:
- Material ABS black
- dimensions: 108 x 65 x 18 mm
- Interface USB with keyboard emulation

LF/HF/UHF table reader

GIS model series. These tabletop readers are used to read or program chip ID numbers. With read/write software and equipped with USB, Ethernet or serial connection, the reader is suitable for a wide range of tasks.

Camera ANPR

The ANPR camera (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) reads the license plate from the vehicle with the highest reading accuracy.this allows an access solution without badge media.
PDF Vega Basic

RFID short distance reader (<10cm)

HF/QR Code wall reader L

QR code/barcode scanner for surface mounting, additionally equipped with HF RFID reader. Power supply 12-24 Volt DC, Wiegand , RS485
PDF HF/QR Code wall reader L

CORI-Combi FPM II reader

Wall reader with integrated controller, 3-fold usable with code button, fingerprint, and Mifare transponder badges.
PDF CORI-Combi FPM II reader

CORI-Combi FPM reader

Wall reader with integrated controller for fingerprint and Mifare transponder badges. Format L128 x W 48 x H 26 (mm). Memory for up to 1000 fingerprints and 2000 transponder badges. Waterproof IP-66 and vandal resistant construction in metal housing.
PDF CORI-Combi FPM reader

CORI-Combi Mifare /EM reader

This reader with integrated controller provides complete autonomous access control for one door.
Size: 103mm 48mm 20mm
Memory for 2000 transponder bagdes.

wall reader Mifare/EM-APV

Vandal proof IK10
Mifare 13.56 Mhz, HID , EM 125 Khz
2-6 cm reading range
Output Wiegand 26-58 (adjustable)
-40 to +60 degrees Celsius
IK 10 & IP 66
PDF wallreader Mifare/EM-APV

wall reader Mifare/EM-AP

Mifare 13.56 Mhz
7cm reading range
Output Wiegand 34
-40 to +60 degrees Celsius
IP 66
PDF wallreader Mifare/EM AP

RFID reader MCR

WG 27 built-in reader with potted housing for outdoor use, accepts LEGIC ID media PRIME and Advant.

Wallreader FL20 LF/HF Combi

RFID reader for badge media 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz, accepts most commercially available RFID badge types. Color : black Power supply : 5-18 V DC dimensions 78x43x15mm , suitable for outdoor mounting suitable for use with CORI controller
Reader request

RFID long-range reader (up to approx. 15m)

RFID reader UHF - RFU-630

Long range reader for a range of up to approx. 10 meters. The reader is recommended for access and presence control of persons and vehicles without badge process.
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Long range reader for applications under 5 meters range. Dimensions: 232mm× 232mm× 55mm. Supplied with mounting bracket. Communication via RS485, RS232, Wiegand26, Wiegand34, RJ45.


Long range reader for applications with a range of up to 15 meters. Dimensions: 445x445x40mm. Supplied with mounting bracket. Communication via RS485, RS232, Wiegand26, Wiegand34, RJ45.

Cards, labels and tags are used as badge media as an example on the windshield.

The windshield tag is stuck to the windshield and offers a reading range of up to 10 meters.

The tag cannot be removed without being destroyed.

RFID cable tie
Map holder for windshield
high quality & robust personalized keyfobs
UHV hard plastic tag
Wide area parking badge
Windshield tag

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