RFID tags & other ID media

RFID tags and other ID media have a variety of applications and offer many benefits in different industries. Here are some of the key applications and benefits:


  • Inventory management: RFID tags can be used to track and manage inventory and improve supply chain efficiency.
  • Access control: RFID tags can be used as access cards or key fobs to control access to buildings or rooms.
  • Asset tracking: RFID tags can be used to track and locate valuable assets such as vehicles, equipment and tools.
  • Pet identification: RFID tags can be used as a means of identifying pets to ensure they can be safely and quickly returned if lost.
  • Ticketing: RFID tags can be used as tickets for events or public transportation.
  • Production and manufacturing: RFID tags can be used in the manufacturing industry to track goods during the production process.

For various applications we have a selection of labels and tags available directly from stock.

The requirements on the chip, the range, mounting and environmental influences such as humidity or temperature require a suitable “packaging” in each case.
Some examples of different designs are listed here.

Keyfob Classic

The all-rounder among the key transponders.
With ultrasonically welded lid, the klassik key transponder is absolutely robust, stable and unbreakable. In addition, it is waterproof and is ideal for leisure and swimming.
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HD Keyfob

The keyfob has become an attractive alternative to traditional contactless cards and is used in many areas of security control.
The HD Keyfob is characterized by the robust design, offers above-average range and also allows 2 transponders in the housing. This can be labeled 4-color and customer-specific.
Keyfob datasheet

Tumbler Keyfob

The Tumbler Keyfob offers a compact design and cost-effective solution for price-sensitive applications.
Custom printing is done with a doming or reader engraving.
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Chip - wristbands

Wristbands with RFID chip are suitable as ID medium in the leisure sector such as pools and fitness centers.
Our wristbands are available in different colors and can be equipped with the desired Chipcoin with just one click. Thus we offer immediate availability without minimum purchase.
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Windshield labels and card holders

For vehicle access control with so-called wide-range readers, there are solutions with cards and with self-adhesive labels on the windshield.
Vignettes are primarily used for the use of toll routes, for parking space management as well as for access controls and are attached to the windshield from the inside so that visibility and legibility from outside the vehicle is guaranteed at all times.
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NFC cable ties

NFC cable tie for tracking products & items.
The NFC cable ties can be used to secure loose items and provide an ID number at the same time.
Cable Tie Datasheet

On Metal Tags

RFID stickers for marketing, logistics or security applications.
These tags can be affixed to almost any surface. Card Service AG manufactures RFID labels according to your requirements in standard formats or in almost any desired format.
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Temperature Logger Tags

RFID tags for tracking products & items.
The self-adhesive RFID tag with temperature sensor registers the temperature curve over a specified period of time. The activation and readout of the measurement values is done via smartphone.
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