electronic access control

For electronic access control at doors, gates, bollards or barriers – so that you know

so that you know “who-when & where”.

Who has access when, where and for how long?

An answer to these questions will lead you to a holistic solution for access control in your company.

Give a defined group of people access authorization to specific buildings, rooms or areas for a specific period of time,

rooms or areas and be on the safe side.

Card Service AG offers you a wide product portfolio for the implementation of your access control.

The products can be combined intelligently and can be supplemented by mechanical, mechatronic locking systems,

digital door components and personal separation systems.

Zutrittskontrolle Wireless

The wireless and battery-powered readers for all types of accesses

Access control for large enterprises

Our solutions for holistic access management are modular in design and tailor-made to your needs.

Access control for SAP

Organize all processes directly in your SAP system and increase your company’s productivity.

Benefit from central data storage and automatic, secure and error-free data exchange.

Access control for small, medium enterprises and private residences

No matter what your security needs are or what task you want an access solution to perform – our solutions are flexible, easy to install and convenient to operate. our solutions are flexible, easy to install and convenient to operate.

Access control for small businesses

Manage your company’s doors quickly and flexibly via cell phone, for example. Because even the smallest companies are confronted with the classic challenges of access control. Whether new employees, service providers who need access or lost access media. Keep track and even use your cell phone as a key.

Access authorizations can be limited in time.

From simple autonomous access control without special software to networked software solutions with sophisticated requirements are covered.

Identification is optionally via badge, wide-range tag, QR code or via license plate recognition from the vehicle.


The core of an access control system is the controller, an electronic board on which the access authorizations are stored.

During the badge process, the controller sends the required opening signal.

For the detection of persons or vehicles, it is connected to one of the listed readers.


Format L139xW70xH20(mm)

This Combi reader is a new generation and offers a complete autonomous access control for one door.

Memory for 10’000 transponder bagdes and 600 fingerprints

CORI-Combi Face Access

Format L185xW110xH20(mm)

Access control with Dynamic Face Recognition and RFID Badge (Mifare) (EM optional)

Memory for up to 5’000 users

CORI-Combi Face Access

CORI-Combi Keypad EM/MF

Format L148xW56xH22.5(mm)

EM/HID 125 KHz and Mifare 13.56 MHz transponder badges with controller
Memory for up to 600 users. Waterproof IP-66 and vandal resistant

CORI-Combi Keypad

Format L95xW38xH19(mm)
Memory for up to 1000 users.
Waterproof IP-66 and vandal-proof construction in metal housing.

CORI-Combi Mifare /EM reader

Format L103xW48xH20(mm)

This reader with integrated controller provides complete autonomous access control for one door.

Memory capacity for 2000 transponder bagdes.

CORI-Duo Controller


Size L100xW86xH26(mm)

This controller provides complete autonomous access control for two doors with one reader.

Memory capacity for 2100 users. (2000/100)

CORI-Combi FMP Reader


Format L128xW48xH26(mm)

Wall reader with integrated controller with finger scan and transponder badges.

Memory for up to 1000 fingerprints and 2000 transponder bagdes.

CORI-Combi Keypad EM/MF
CORI-Combi Keypad
CORI-Combi Mifare /EM Leser
CORI-Duo Controller
CORI-Combi FMP Leser

Mobile access control

CORI-Mobile Maxi Controller

This solution stores authorized phone numbers as access ID.
The opening process is triggered very simply with a free call
by an authorized telephone.

CORI-Mobile Mini Controller

This solution stores authorized phone numbers as access ID.
The opening process is triggered very simply with a free call
by an authorized telephone.

CORI-Mobile Maxi Controller
CORI-Mobile Mini Controller


CORI-Mini Controller:

The CORI-MINI Controller provides autonomous access authorization at door, gate, bollard or barrier. The authorizations are learned with a handheld radio or with a master card. The system requires neither a PC connection nor special software to change authorizations.

CORI-Maxi Controller

Compared to CORI-Mini, the CORI-Maxi controller offers an additional output for an alarm signal and flexible power supply (12-28 AC/DC). The CORI-Maxi is particularly suitable in combination with UHF wide-range readers. Loading and deleting of authorizations is done via a handheld transmitter.

CORI Multi Controller

In combination with the CORI access management software, this controller provides comprehensive access control in a networked environment. This allows both autonomous and networked operation.

CORI access management

The CORI access management
software is a centrally controlled software for access control with comprehensive
possibilities. the software can also be used for applications with paid access.

CORI-Mini Controller
CORI-Maxi Controller
CORI-Multi Controller
CORI-Accessmanagement Software
RFID short distance up to 10cm,
the smallest reader for LF/HF RFID badge media.
RFID wide range up to 10m,
in the UHF frequency range 865 MHz for passive (battery-less) badge media.
Camera ANPR,
for automatic license plate recognition.
QR code scanner,
reads optional barcode, QR code and HF RFID badge media.

These readers are used together with the controllers

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