access control


access control

Different products are listed here for electronic access control at the door, gate, bollard or barrier. From simple, autonomous access control without special software to networked software solutions with demanding requirements are covered. Identification is carried out either via badge, long-range tag, QR code or number plate recognition from the vehicle.


The heart of an access control is the controller, an electronic board on which the access authorizations are stored. During the badge process, the controller sends the required opening signal. To record people or vehicles, it is connected to one of the reading devices listed.

CORI-SD controller:

The smallest controller in the program does not require a network or special software to manage the authorizations.
The authorized ID numbers are simply transferred to the CORI controller using an SD card.

CORI-Rasp Controller:

This controller in the IP-67 protected housing is equipped with a Linux computer in addition to the CORI-SD. This allows freely programmable communication with higher-level computers.

Z3  controller:

In combination with the Z3 management software, this controller offers comprehensive access control in a networked environment. This allows both autonomous and networked operation.

Z3 software:
The Z3 ID management software is a centrally controlled software for access control with comprehensive
Possibilities. Due to the possibility of booking entries, the software can also be used for applications with paid
Use access.

RFID short distance up to 10cm,
the smallest reader for LF / HF RFID badge media.
RFID wide range up to 10m,
in the UHF frequency range 865 MHz for passive (battery-free) bathroom media.
ANPR camera,
for automatic number plate recognition
QR code scanner,
optionally reads barcode, QR code and HF RFID badge media.