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Identify your artwork with elegant, professional markers

Create and print your own title cards on a professional backing

In exhibition rooms of works of art, photos, sculptures and collector’s items, you can provide visitors with signage,

placed near the artworks provide interesting information.

This “business card” of the work of art usually provides information about:

the name of the artist,

The name of the work of art or art object,

the date of origin,

the realization method,

The dimensions,

And sometimes also about the price

The label guarantees transparent information that is accessible to all visitors.

It must be subtle and unobtrusive so that it does not distract from the artwork it is intended to enhance.

Depending on the event and the artworks being sold, gallery owners, antique dealers and auctioneers need to be very reactive and quickly produce new signage.

To avoid laborious manual production of the signs, which are often of inferior quality, Evolis offers a solution for printing professional-quality personalized signs in just a few seconds.

Title card with transparent protection
Title cards in various formats

With the printing solutions from Card Service AG, you can optimize communication about your works of art and your brand;

Our all-in-one solution includes everything you need to implement your first inscription labels on site:

An easy to use software to create your personalized signs
A card printer compatible with Windows and Mac
cards and printing tapes

Complete set with printer, software, cards and ribbon

In addition, we offer you several consumables according to your needs:

Hard-wearing, washable and moisture-resistant plastic cards in various formats
Cards made from paper that comes from sustainable forestry
Monochrome and color ribbons
Metal brackets for careful signage (Contact us for more information)

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