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plastic card solutions

We take care of card projects from A to Z. This includes a whole package of products and services.

Some of the most important topics are listed below:

Choice of current and future functions of the badge:

Integration of the badge in the existing infra structure.

Selection of the suitable , card material badge chip technology and card printing process.

Preparation of card layout, personalization and card mailing. 

Decision making whether cards are personalized in a service bureau or decentralized at the customer’s site.

Choice of suitable printing and encoding equipment

Choice of badge accessories, packaging solutions

Choice of the most suitable card materials:

  • PVC
  • PET
  • polycarbonate
  • ABS – heat resistant
  • Wood

Personalization / Mailing Service

Here’s a movie clip about these services.

In our service bureau, cards are not only printed, personalized but also automatically mailed. This is efficient, prevents packaging errors due to manual work and allows to mail large card numbers with short lead times.

Chip / transponder types:

A wide variety of card chips are programmed or segmented by us. The purchase of cards directly at the producer offers clear cost advantages for the customer. The analysis of the existing cards, chip types and chip programming is part of our customer service.

Card accessories:

Click here for the list of card accessories.

These items are usually available directly from stock. Further badge accessories are offered on request.

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