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Access control vehicle

For the electronic autonomous access control, the controller takes over the administration of the authorized chip key. This electronics determines access and sends the potential-free contact to the door, gate or barrier. Autonomous access control is chosen if access is to be achieved without the use of a server or network. The setting options of such controllers are usually limited, however, or special formatting software with corresponding learning and administration effort is required.

A new path was taken in the development of the CORI_SD contactless reader interface. The administration of the authorizations and the setting of the parameters takes place with this electronics via an SD card. Authorizations are read directly on the mounted reader and saved in the CORI_SD as well as on the SD card. The contactless reader interface is therefore particularly well suited for local applications where the tracking of authorizations should work in a self-explanatory manner and without third-party software. The electronics also allow a large selection of RFID readers to be connected. This means that access control can be used with all common transponder types.

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