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Contactless Reader Interface – Time Stamp

The contactless reader interface “CORI TS” offers access authorization especially for electrical systems with increased risk potential. Examples of such devices are forklifts, mobile lifting platforms, lifting scooters or industrial production systems.

The CORI TS ensures that only authorized users can operate the system.

In addition, the logging of events provides an overview of the use of the device and shows who worked on the device and when.

There is also valuable information about the service life which can be used for the maintenance or billing of operating costs.

Permissions are managed without the use of special software.

RFID chip keys are used as identification medium.

Chip keys are available in different designs as badges in credit card format and as keys or key fobs.

The interface works as an open circuit. In the event of a badge process, this is immediately activated.

After removing the chip key, the circuit remains open for 10 seconds before it is switched off.

We deliver all compatible RFID media such as For example the HD keyfob shown, further products can be found at

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