semi-passive / active RFID

semi-passivsemi-passive RFID

The terminology semi-passive, stands for RFID tags using a battery that serves the transponder with current. These tags are often called as well “semi-active”. These tags work on the Ultra High Frequency band at 2.45 GHz. Due to the fact that the current from the battery is not needed to actively transmit radio signals, the live time of the battery is generally more than 5 years. The possible reading range is up to 15 meters. Semi passive tags are relatively insensitive to disturbing influences such as signal absorbing- or reflecting materials.




amantagactive RFID

Active RFID stands for transponders that actively broadcast data to the reader allowing reading distances of 100 meters and more. The tags usually work on 865 MHz or 2.45 GHz frequency and receive the necessary energy for the transmission from a build in battery. The electronics and battery make these tags more costly than passive and semi passive tags. Active RFID Tags not only allow superior reading distances, but are also able to monitor environmental conditions like temperature, humidity or movement using build in sensors. This way, active RFID tags are very suitable for remote tracking and monitoring of people and goods.