Access control for electrical equipment

Contactless Reader Interface – CORI Time Stamp



The Contactless Reader Interface “CORI TS” provides access authorization specifically for electrical equipment with increased hazard potential. Examples of such devices are forklifts,  mobile elevating platforms, pallet transporters or hazardous industrial machines. The interface ensures that only authorized users can operate the equipment. Furthermore  each operation is registered indicating exactly when and by whom it isoperated. This also gives useful logfile information for servicing or billing of operating costs. For the handling of authorizations, the so-called “white-list” there is no need for special software.  As identification medium the system accepts a range of RFID Identmedia such as badges in credit card size, keyfobs or tags. The interface is based on interruption of the electrical circuit. Upon presentation of the valid key, the installation is activated immediately. After use it shuts off the equipment 10 seconds after withdrawal of the RFID key.

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