vehicle access control









Autonomous or stand-alone access control systems usually operate with a so-called controller units. These devices  decide which keys have access and send a  signal directly to the door or barrier to open up. Standalone access controller units are chosen in those cases where a centralised access control network is not available.  These autonomous controllers offer though very limited features and require the use of special formatting software, with appropriate learning and handling effort.
During the development of the contactless reader interface CORI-SD, we have gone a new way. The access management and the setting of parameters is simply organised in an Excel spreadsheet. All authorizations are entered in this table, stored on an SD card and then transferred to the controller by briefly inserting the SD-card it into the reader slot of the controller unit. This controller interface is particularly well suited for local applications, where the after-programming of permissions should remain easy to do, and without need of third-party software. The CORI-SD controller also allows you to connect a wide selection of RFID readers. This means that the access control system can be used with all common transponder types.

pdficonInstruction manual CORI_SD – German