RFID Solutions

To-day, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is the ideal technology for physical and logical access control applications. For the integration of RFID in the needed application, we develop the needed hard- and software components, especially where there are no standard products available.

Some examples are:

  • Interfaces for RFID readers
  • Autonomous access control for RFID readers
    Directly integrated at the reader offer some interesting features:
    –  Activate and delete permissions without external software, simply by changing an excel sheet.
    –  Save and change permissions on an SD-card that is easily transported to the reader application usable for short and long distance readers
    –  Also usable for secured access to equipment such as fork trucks, production equipment etc.
  • electricity payment
  • Integration of transponder encoding in badge printers
  • RFID locking electronics

We look forward to assist you with all RFID related questions.

Zutrittskontrolle für Fahrzeuge

Access control for vehicle

Bargeldlose Zahlungsabwicklung

cashless payment

Zutrittskontrolle für mobile Geräte

Access control for electrical equipment

Verbrauchergerechte Stromabrechnung
electricity payment