Reader UHF

RFID Systems with UHF technology

UHF technology offers the comfort of handsfree badging, on many meters distance from the reader. This is both comfortable and speeds up the access control at the barrier. The side effect is a higher throughput that leads to less undesirable waiting time at the entrance. Access control systems using  remote control battery operated hand transmitters offer this comfort as well, however due to the expensive hand transmitters, this is only affordable for systems with very few transmitters. UHF readers with its low cost tags and badges are extremely suitable to offer this comfort as well at much lower costs. Card Service assists customers to find the right long range RFID system for its specific application and sets together the complete package of components. On demand Card Service does the installation on site as well. The UHF program consists of a variety of readers with different features like communication interfaces, protocols, reading distances, IP protection, etc. This way, customers will find the right reader for every application.


Tagmaster XT-1
Format 300x300x60 mm, IP 65, Distance up to 6 Meter, wide readingfield, Interface: RS232, RS485, Wiegand/Magstripe, Ethernet and USB, no intern access control.



Tagmaster XT-3
Format 300x300x60 mm, IP 65, Distance up to 8 Meter, wide readingfield, Interface: Ethernet, RS232, RS485, Wiegand-MagStripe Interface, with simple intern access control.



Format 239 x239 x 64 mm, IP 67, Distance up to 6 Meter, readingfield with 72° opening angle. Interfaces: RS-232, RS-422/-485, USB, Ethernet, Can-Bus, Profibus DP, Devicenet. RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) for unwanted reads.






Format 170 x 175 x 60 mm, IP 67, Distance up to 6 Meter, readingfield with 90° opening angle with RS485 Interface. Optional with SIC1 Seriel Interface Wandler, protected RS485/deBus Protocol on O.C./Wiegand, Dataclock.