Many products from our program are purchased from resellers and system integrators.

This has to do with the fact that the products are often used as part of an overall solution.

In this way, chip cards, bathroom printers or electronic components are integrated into a wide variety of applications.

A reseller or system integrator not only needs “box moving”, but a solution to his problem.

This, in turn, requires technical and commercial support, and as a company we strive to be the best for our customers

To offer service. Whether it concerns the production of RFID badges or the delivery of an electronic access control, our customers expect from us:

  • Advice on finding a solution
  • Sampling or demonstration of the solution
  • Support during commissioning from our technicians
  • Maintenance and support

A selection of compatible products and components for which we are able to offer this assistance is published on this homepage.

Dealers and system integrators can be sure that they can count on the support they need to implement their projects.

We have been working with long-term customer relationships for over 25 years.