Card printing / personalization

Our production is equipped to answer many demanding requirement such as:

  • Protection against forgery
  • Longevity
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Heat resistance
  • Attractive printing
  • Integrated chip technology
  • Different volumes
  • Fast availability

Through a combination of stock kept materials and digital printing technology, we are able to produce even smallest volumes fast and in an efficient way.







Card design

You have no idea how your card should look like? We will design your card, making an attractive layout and taking into account all technical aspects. How to design your layout yourself and send it in ready to use, you will find under:



Magnetic stripe encoding

The service of magnetic stripe encoding according to ISO1, ISO2 und ISO3 is done in our production. With our magstripe test equipment, we guarantee the quality of the encodings and this way avoid unpleasant surprises of non readable cards out in the field. Magnetic stripe cards don’t offer the same security features compared to chipcards, but are produced at much lower costs. In order to be sure that your card gets the right encoding, you will always get a sample to test before the production ist started.

Magnetic Stripe cards are used for:

  • Access control card
  • Payment card
  • Hotel room access card
  • Member cards
  • Loyalty cards








Chip encoding

A wide variety of chip cards are processed in our production, including programming for different customer applications. You want to know which type of chip is integrated in your card? Send it to us, and we will find it out!

A choice of transponder and chip types your will find here below.








Card Service executes all card personalization and mailing jobs in our well equipped service bureau. Here we have installations taking care of card printing, encoding and mailing in a completely automated process. All cards and letters are one by one electronically checked before stuffed in an envelope. This is not only a very efficient way of production, it also avoids mistakes caused by manual handling.











Plastic card embossing

Cards can also be embossed. The letters in relief allow, by the use of a simple imprinter, the transfer of card holder data to paper. Badge card printers and chip cards have made embossing nearly obsolete. However, until to-day embossing is considered to be the more noble art of card personalization.








Metal embossing

The embossing technology for plastic cards is, in a stronger version, also used for the embossing of metal plates. The marking of embossed metal plates makes sense in those cases where conventional labels with product information cannot be used. This is for example the case when a product needs to receive a surface treatment such as galvanizing or painting. Another requirement may be the resistance to acids or high temperatures, which make most labeling methods inappropriate.

Some application examples of embossed metal plates are:

  • Product labeling during galvanizing and painting process
  • Serial number plates on motor vehicles
  • Marking of fire resistant doors and windows.

Embossed plates are made in our service bureau according to customer specifications.

Embossing equipment is also installed at the customer’s site.