Keyfob Labels

Card Service offers a range of RFID keyfobs with the possibility to supply these according to customer specifications in the desired form , color and equipped with the transponder of the customers choice. For the immediate supply from stock, the keyfob model “Tumbler Blue” is available in almost every possible transponder version.
In many cases, an individual printing with logo or incrementing numbering is required. For such needs, 2 different printing services can be used.


Doming-Labels for HD Keyfobs


The black, blue or transparent  housing  accept customer specific printing  by a doming label or by a printed label placed in the protected inner side of the keyfob.







PVC Labels for Tumbler Keyfobs

For smallest quantities of printed keyfobs, (1-300 pcs), self adhesive PVC labels are available. These labels which are embedded into the keyfob are equipped with a protective laminate to protect the printing.







Doming Labels for Tumbler Keyfobs

For printed keyfobs in quantities exceeding 300 pcs, a very attractive doming label can be made.
These adhesive labels provide an excellent high resolution 4-color printing. In addition, doming labels combine a very attractive appearance of the lens-like surface with optimal protection of the printing.