Besides the supply of cardprinters, you will get all accessory consumables from us, such as: printer ribbons, cleaning material, cards etc.

Each card processing embosser-, printer- and mailing- system, needs periodical cleaning. With our pre-saturated cleaning cards and other cleaning materials, you will be able to clean transport rolls, printing heads, magnetic encoder heads, chip contacts in an easy and secure way.

folienfarbig_matica folienschwarz_matica
Ribbon 4-color

available for Matica Moca and Espresso
Article-No. PR000032
(200 prints)

Ribbon monochrome

available for Matica Moca and Espresso
Article-No. PR000034
(2000 prints)

Folienfarbig Folien_mono YMCKO-ribbon
Ribbons 4-color

Following type available:
Pebble / Dualys
R3011 YMCKO Premium-Quality
R3011-B YMCKO Standard-Quality
200 PrintsTattoo
R3411 YMCKO, 100 Prints

Ribbons monochrome

Following type available:Pebble / Dualys
R2011 black, 1000 Prints
R2012 blue, 1000 Prints
R2013 red, 1000 Prints
R2014 green, 1000 Prints
R2015 white, 1000 Prints
R2016 gold, 1000 Prints
R2017 silber, 1000 Prints
R2018 Scratch-off, 1000 Prints
R4001 Hologram, 350 PrintsTattoo
R2211 schwarz, 600 Drucke
R2215 weiss, 500 Drucke

Ribbons 4-color

Following type available:Zenius / Primacy
R5F002EAA YMCKO, 200 Prints

Black_mono_ribbon Druckerfolie-Avansia Druckerfolie-Badgy
Ribbons monochrome

Following type available:Zenius / Primacy
RCT023NAA black, 2000 Prints
RCT012NAA blue, 1000 Prints
RCT013NAA red, 1000 Prints
RCT014NAA green, 1000 Prints
RCT015NAA white, 1000 Prints
RCT016NAA gold, 1000 Prints
RCT017NAA silber, 1000 Prints
RCT018NAA Scratch off, 1000 Prints

Ribbons Re-Transfer

Following type available:Avansia
RTCL009NAA Transfer, 500 Prints
RT4F010EAA YMCK RT, 500 Prints
RT5F011EAA YMCKK RT, 400 Prints

Ribbons Badgy

Following type available:Badgy1
VBDG106EU black, 600 PrintsBadgy200
CBGR0100C YMCKO, 100 Prints
CBGR0500K black, 500 Prints

ISO Plasticcards

We keep the biggest stock of blank and preprinted cards and instantly supply many different varieties with and without contact or RFID chips,
with magnetic stripes, and different
standard preprintings.
selfadhesive cards

When expensive RFID badgecards only
need to be personalised temporarily, then
print on our credit card size labels with a
standard cardprinter, stick them on the
card and remove them, every time again.
selfadhesive labels

self-adhesive both sides. To fit on a plasticcard. Also allows the gluing of the card to a Windshield.


Each card processing system either cardreader or printer needs cleaning from time to time. With pre-saturated cleaning cards and other cleaning materials, the delicate job of cleaning chip contacts, magnetic stripe heads, printing heads and transport rollers becomes an easy exercise.Pebble/Dualys cleaning set
Artikel. Nr.: 325.010Avansia cleaning set
Artikel. Nr.: 325.021Primacy/Zenius cleaning set
Artikel. Nr.: 325.022Badgy200 cleaning set
Artikel. Nr.: 325.023

You would like to glue cards onto corresponding letters? Just use for this job our double sided self-adhesive card labels. Both sides have a differently strong sticky surface, thus allowing you to take away the card from the letter. The label will stay on the letter and not on the card.